Last updated 2023-01-12

Heljarmadr album 2024! And maybe another book...
Wheels are turning ever so slowly, but steadily, and I am almost finished with the demos and outlines for the Heljarmadr full lenght album. We are aiming to start recording during the first half of 2023 and finish somewhere before the year ends, for an early 2024 release. This is of course just an estimate and something to take aim for but it does feel realistic. Every new stone laid on the path this album is taking is making it grow and grow and with this comes a great responsibility to tread carefully and let everything take the time it needs to evolve into perfection. Thank you for your patience!
Oh and I also mentioned another book! Yes I am working in the background on a second book, it will follow the first one ust a little bit, before heading out into new unchartered territories. Stay tuned. More information about this will follow during the year.

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Active bands:
Dark Funeral (2014-)
Grá (2010-)
Heljarmadr (2020-)

Past bands:
Symphony of Malice - vocals (1995-1997)
Diabolic Lust - vocals, guitars, bass (1997-2005)
Cursed 13 - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards (1998-2018)
Domgård - guitars (2009-2014)

Album Discography:
Grá - Lycaon 2023 (vocals, guitars)
Dark Funeral - We Are The Apocalypse 2022 (vocals)
Grá - Väsen 2018 (vocals, guitars, keyboards)
Veiled - Black Celestial Orbs 2018 (bass)
Dark Funeral - Where Shadows Forever Reign 2016 (vocals)
Grá - Ending 2015 (vocals, guitars, keyboards)
Cursed 13 - Triumf 2013 (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard)
Domgård - Myrkviðr 2012 (guitars, additional vocals)
Grá - Grá 2011 (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards)
Domgård - I Nifelhels Skygd 2010 (guitars, additional vocals)

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Portfolio studio work

Mixing, mastering, editing, producing, recording

Here is a selected portfolio, you will find most releases at your favourite streaming services:

Grá - Lycaon (producing, recording, editing,)
The Devil's Tail - Desolation (mixing, mastering)
Aphrenety - Wolves of Ardeal (mixing)
Grá - Väsen (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Veiled - Black Celestial Orbs (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Katla - Móðurástin ("Hreggur" track remix 2017)
Cursed 13 - Into Ashes (producing, recording, editing)
Grá - Ending (producing, recording, editing)
Grá/Gnosis of the Witch split (Grá producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Grá - Where Shadows Dwell (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Gnosis of the Witch - Dauðr burðr þrysvar (mixing, mastering)
Cursed 13 - Triumf (recording of guitars, bass, vocals)
Grá - Necrology of the Witch (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Grá - Grá (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Grá - Helfärd (producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering)
Panphage - Ætt Loka (mastering)
Cursed 13 / Domgård - split (Cursed 13 editing, mixing, mastering, recording of everything except drums)

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Available articles

I have a variety of articles available from time to time, sometimes I have a few Dark Funeral or Grá items too.
Send an email to "order [at] heljarmadr.com" and ask for the current list.

Also, when I am on tour, sometimes I bring some items with me so it is always worth asking me on my social media channels, if I'm coming to your town with Dark Funeral or Grá.

In stock right now:
Heljarmadr Productions 70mm patch 50SEK / 5€
Heljarmadr / Eldur split CD-digipack single 80SEK / 8€
Cursed 13 - Triumf CD 150SEK/15€
Cursed 13 - Triumf LP 200SEK/20€

Please include your name and post address in your mail for faster handling.

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